What now?


Get unstuck, taking flow as the ultimate goal, how can you make peace with your decisions to act?

  • What is the real problem?
  • Why are things done this way?
  • How could things be done differently?
  • How can engineering help?
  • Is it worth your effort?


  • Difficulty
    • Worst comes first
  • Recognize state
    • Make hay while the sun shines and don’t flog a dead horse
  • Value identification
    • Which KPI are you targeting
    • How is KPI related to value system
  • Engineer a plan
    • Gain from process if not results
    • How can you maximize utility
  • Sell the roadmap
    • Can you see it working
    • How will I recognize success or failure?
  • Grease the groove
    • Feed the machine
    • Maintain momentum
  • Balance the portfolio
    • Effort v return on time horizon
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