Learn how to learn

No matter what you learn it will remain a tiny fraction compared to possibilities. Prioritization is the most important skill above all else. When we are content with prioritization decisions we are much more likely to enter a flow state.

Learn the rules for rapid learning using Spaced Repetition Software that maximize knowledge retention.

  • Develop better instincts and maximize opportunities.
  • Level-up an entire team where each member take responsibility to learn and teach areas of natural strength


Sleep well

Keep your brain in top working order

Don’t be a hero, skipping sleep catches you eventually and costs more than your initial gain

Organise your mind

  • Question
  • First things first
  • Consistency
  • Prioritize
  • Absorption
  • Understand
  • Create a trick

Question effectively

Seek a better question to provoke deeper understanding.


First things first

Don’t skip the basics

Be Consistent

Your brain loves consistency so you should always try to make sure your brain works in the same way at each repetition


You will face far more knowledge than you can master prioritizing is critical for building quality knowledge in the long-term


The more knowledge and discipline you have the more your mind is free to deduce more abstract concepts that have greater value

Make sure you understand

You do not learn if you do not understand

Meta and metaphor

Focus equally on the meta of the matter, how could underlying concepts be applied elsewhere?


  1. First step create overview of fundamental terms of the domain language
  2. Use Spaced Repetition Software ANKI
  3. Identify thought leaders for a subject
  • What are their core ideas?
  • How have they broken the problem down?
  • How do they structure knowledge?
  • How do they apply that knowledge (wisdom)?

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Practice understanding others code

Learning from others

  • Don’t push an agenda
  • Remain curious
  • Maintain respect
  • Seek to understand not persuade
  • Observe how the story is told
  • Observe anxieties, prejudices and insecurities

Be prepared

  • Identify domain experts that…
    • know the rules of thumb
    • are doubtful of outside of solutions
  • Start asking easy questions to…
    • Help with remembering
    • Grow the feeling of remembering
  • Listen attentively, be interested
    • Feel the pain
    • Find the hidden why
  • Identify intrinsic value system
    • Indicators of success
    • Indicators of failure
  • Diagram the flow with inputs through to outputs

Listen intently for the key metrics of success and failure.


It is not the knowing but the doing that counts

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