Take in the big picture

No point asking good questions if you don’t know how to listen. Listen for pleasure and pain signals that will influence decision making


  • Establish insights required to sell the solution before starting to build anything

Base interview script

Doing an activity is painful because you have a problem list with undesired results where progress as been blocked by roadblocks

In a perfect world you would dream scenario avoiding negative side-effects. This could positively impact items of value between low estimate and high estimate per unit of time. With potential for added positive side effects

You would be prepared to lose opportunity cost to move forwards as your motivation to resolve this problem is motivation while others in your situation would likely include market size

How would you classify the true nature of the problem?

  • Complicated
    • Cause and effect is clear
  • Complex
    • Cause and effect don’t exist
  • Chaotic - Fuzzy problem
    • Effect? cause?


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