Dreams Engineer Reality

Identify the itch, fuel the fire, engineer faith, decide on facts, anchor in value, evolve the story.

Develop a crystal clear sense of identify and direction. Demonstrate obvious expertise in domain and proficiency with tools to leverage every opportunity to it’s maximum value. Have genuine empathy and desire to improve the life of those that need help. Build a team on common values, dedicated to helping each other to level up, that relish spending time in each others company. Strive for excellence in communication in all situations.

Use technology to enhance experience to make stronger connections. Create checklists for contexts that help you make decisions that feel right for you so you could maintain a state of flow.

Observe, orientate, extrapolate, evaluate, communicate then commit to doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons in the right way.

How do you establish a sustanable growth model, bearing mind organisations are more likely to drown rather than starve? Identify the need for new habits, research what these should be, sell the solution, track and reward perseverance, make sure everybody levels up.


How do you live a good life?

Substance: Define your value system.

Respect Honesty Integrity Humility Levity Empathy Accuracy Curiosity Enthusiasm Sustainability Ownership Succinctness Connection Legacy

Your most valuable asset is time


Pay attention: Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

Cash flow buys time

  • Arbitrage location and knowledge to maximise cash flow advantage on time invested
  • Focus on accounts receivable, payable, capital expenditures and debt payments
  • A cash flow forecast that’s tied to a working budget is critical
  • Cash flow management is continuous activity of tracking, analyzing and adjusting to ensure you remain profitable

Problems and Opportunities

Those that don’t understand their history of mistakes are destined to repeat them. Organisations can’t learn from their decisions if a common framework for reaching decisions is not taught.

Address the nightmare

What worries you most? what is the worst thing that could happen?

  • Is the timing right?
  • Are you acting in your fate or a passenger?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice?
  • What is the minimum you need?
  • Are results aligned your your values?
  • What are you not seeing?

Measure what matters, define decision points


What problem are you here to solve? What does the perfect day look like?

Connection: Fillow your gut to colour your convictions and sell your reasons why commitment to new habits are worthy of consuming your will power.

See it, make the leap, prepare to be wrong, adjust, move on

  • What if … ?
  • If only … ?
  • When this happens … ?

The starting point of all achievement is desire Napoleon

  • Can you develop instinct?
  • How is the world trending?
  • What are signs of success or failure?
    • What decisions will those signs enact?

Don’t let ideas die on the vine, get them down, preferably in code if applicable. Need to have a setup that allows for low impedance startup to get started with the heart of an idea.

Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths Joseph Campbell


First we engineer our habits then our habits engineer us

What can you deliver?

Structure: Create a framework for enabling low cost experiementation. Engineer discipline to have the freedom to dream and extract the most from the least. Build faith based clear values, strong relationships, first principles understanding, excellent habits and mastery of the right tool for the job.

Minimise design to simplify the complex. The fight for simplicity takes documentation, inspiration and iteration. Owning a Ferrari does not make you a racing car driver. Evolve processes to extract maximum value from the interaction of human and machine.

Boil things down to the most fundamental truths and then reason up from there Elon Musk

Dedicate time daily to invest in furthering mastery of the tools you use to get things done.

Have a plan

Create a checklist that helps divide ambitions into simple blocks.

Define an achievable action that will provide a step improvement to the current situation that provides a foundation for further progress.

  • What do you need to know?

  • How can technology automate your processes?

  • Engineer conditions for flow

    • Develop rituals
    • Laser focus is essential - learn how to say no
    • Fail loud, fail early
    • Evolve a consise internal language
    • Store all information but have strict filters for what to act on
    • Use mantra to stay on track

Confidence isn’t about knowing the outcome. It’s about knowing how to deal with the obstacles and feeling certain that you can figure it out.


Software is eating the world, the web is eating software. Starbuck is a tech company that sells coffee. The future is already it just isn’t evenly distrubuted. We’re all tech workers now.

Think micro, explore everything.

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Identify a maximum of four thought leaders per subject that have opinions worth considering.

  • What are the core ideas of their discipline?
  • How do they break a problem down?
  • How do they structure knowledge?
  • How do they apply that knowledge?


What makes a great team?

Gather people that can get the job done and still share a laugh even in the toughest situations.

Mates: are more important than results, relationships more than process. But good processes build stronger connections. Gather respectful non-conformists that will do extra to investigate a hunch then realign. Contributors that think like owners create greater value. Gather those that share their secrets because they understand they gain more in teaching rather than hoarding knowledge.

Find the right balance of…

  • friends and strangers
  • experience and exuberance
  • young and old
  • individualism and cohesion
  • patience and gratification
  • generalists and specialists
  • commitment over talent
  • complementary skills and opposing insights
  • makers and sellers

What goes around, comes around

Ditch your ego it is never helpful

Win the collisions you will win the game


Recognise blind action then step outside your mind to realign with deeper intentions. Create feedback loops with integrity and have the discipline to follow them, walking the line between belief and delusion.

The meta of the matter unlocks the value story

  • What question are you going to wish you asked yourself three months from now?
  • What action can you take now for maxium benefit of your value system?
  • How do you recongise the wrong path?.

The greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor Aristotle


  • Automate what can be
  • Remain the curious outsider
  • The path is more important than the result
  • Identify the meta of the matter
  • Grow understanding with mantra

Keep asking questions

If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would spend 19 days to define it. Albert Einstein

  • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  • Why have you made the decisions that got you here?

Waiho kia patai ana, he kaha ui ti kaha

It is not what I know but what I can instruct that matters most and that begins and ends with an engaging story resonating with truth.

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