Know how to sell the dream before you engineer a thing


All business is tech business, the web is eating tech, the web is about speed of learning and the speed of learning is about asking the right questions. Asking the right question requires connecting with the real problem.


If you don’t have the right people you’ve got nothing. Tech should should grease the groove so humans can build stronger interpersonal relationships.


Dream for belief - define want you to create and why.


Engineer trust - using irritation and curiosity to map the streams identifying inputs and outputs. Step back to take in the big picture remind yourself what you are trying to achieve.

Make loose plans but build strong habits.


Calibrate to reality - optimise control loops to provide enough control to know where you are but not so much as to kill creativity. Eliminate non productive loops.

The fight for simplicity takes inspiration and iteration.

What is the big problem?

Seek the problems that prevent fighting fires. What’s next?